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Tracy 3LB Weighted

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  • 【Design for Hug】Specialized Lying posture and appropriately weighted(3LB) for the realistic warm and cozy hug feeling happen. At the same time, the cute appearance of weighted huggy gray cat (Tracy) can provide a feeling of calm and comfort for kids during stressful situations as a sensory accompaniment.
  • 【Weighted Stuffed Animals】 Chongker weighted stuffed animals weigh up to 3LB, closer to real cat weight, when weighted stuffed animals are used, the anxiety are significantly reduced.
  • 【Materials】 We use entirely man-made, high quality materials and do not use any real animal structures. The exterior is a high quality artificial fur, the filling is PP cotton, and the weighted part is stainless steel beads.Eyes are individually hand painted and the sole of the paws are made of high quality silicone realistic and comfort to touch.
  • 【Lifelike Face and Size】Completely handmade plush cat, up to 15inch long, plus tail up to 23.6inch long, handmade very simulated face.It is also great for seniors who need companionship but cannot feed a real cat to soothe, distract and recall memories of when they may have had real cats in their youth.
  • 【 Gift Choice】 Perfect for people who need a weighted stuffed animal to accompany them, whether they are children, adults, or the elderly, a weighted lifelike cat plush is the good choice, we have prepared a beautiful gift box and tote bag,and there is also a beautiful greeting card inside.
  • 【Named】Tracy Chongker