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Panda Menglan 4LB Weighted

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  • Old People Companion - a safe lifelike plush animal that does not need to be taken care of. The cute face will calm them down and make them happy.
  • Panda on the knee - We have designed a panda in this prone position, which is very suitable for putting on the knee. This lovely plush panda will naturally lie on your knee, which is very suitable for giving to the elderly as a companion when watching TV.
  • Weighted Design - We weighted the panda to 4LB, which will ensure that the stuffed panda not only has a real appearance, but also has a real weight.
  • Completely Handcrafted - This panda is completely handcrafted. Five designers spent five days to complete such a realistic panda doll, including manual carving, modeling, trimming, filling, placement of artificial eyes, facial adjustment and details. More than 50 processes endow it with a unique "personality".
  • Gift Choice - This panda is equipped with a nice gift box, which is very suitable for giving to your loved one as a gift. If she/he likes animals, this will be a great choice.

Gift Choice


  • Kids,Women,Elderly
  • Animal Lovers can't keep real ones
  • Companion-Needed Ones
  • Alzheimer / ADHD Patients
  • More


  • Birthday,Anniversary,Christmas
  • Father/Mother's Day,Teacher's Day
  • More


Sole: Silicone Rubber
Eye: Polyacrylate
Fur: Polyester
Filler: PP Cotton
Nose: ABS Material


  • Stuffed Animal
  • Gift Box & Card
  • Maintenance Card

Care Instructions

Spot Clean

No machine wash

Product Safety Test

🇪🇺 CE-Toy Safety Certification

🇺🇸 Children's Product Safety Certification

🇦🇺 Mandatory Standard Safety Test

Recommended for ages 3+