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Red Panda Plush Weighted 2.5lb

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  • Chongker Wild Animal Collection - Red Panda Plush Kevin Chongker. Crafted with love and care using high-quality materials to provide you with a soft and comforting playtime experience.
  • Completely Handcrafted - This Red Panda Stuffed Animal is completely handcrafted. Five designers spent 7 days to complete such a realistic Red Panda doll, including manual carving, modeling, trimming, filling, placement of artificial eyes, facial adjustment and details. More than 50 processes endow it with a unique "personality".
  • Chongker Wild Collections: Why do we make those simulated handmade wild endanger animals? We hope to bring those "zoo friends" to more homes. Hopefully,their natural beauty would be recognized and loved by more people over the world.