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Panda Backpack Hehua Simulated

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[Nose] Soft ABS Material

[Eye] High-quality glass

[Claws & Toe Beans] Soft ABS silicone

[Straps] 2 adjustable and detachable straps (1.2m/47 inches)

[Posture] Triangular Rice Ball Sitting Posture

【After-Sales Support】
👩‍💼For any quality concerns, reach out to us at
🗓️Enjoy up to 90 days of quality assurance!

【Care Instructions】
❌Avoid washing with water or drying. Simply gently wipe with a damp tissue for maintenance.


Simulated Panda Hehua Plush Backpack 

Meet Panda Huahua, the adorable fluffy ambassador of joy! Huahua is not just any panda; she's a fluffy ball of cuteness with a personality as big as her fuzzy ears. With her round black eyes and playful nature, she's like the best friend you've always dreamed of having. Whether she's munching on bamboo shoots or rolling around in the grass, Huahua never fails to bring a smile to your face. She loves to explore her surroundings, but she's also a big fan of cuddle time and belly rubs. With Huahua around, every day is an adventure filled with laughter and love!

【Background Story】
Simulated Plush Panda Hehua Backpack is the most exquisite plushie among all the Chongker Designs, a purely handmade panda Backpacl crafted with over 50 processes, meticulously simulated after the real star panda, "Huahua,"Completed in Chengdu, the hometown of all pandas.

Chongker designers first spent six months observing the details of the real panda,Huahua, in the zoo.  Then dedicated another year and a half to selecting high-quality simulation materials and meticulously reproducing all the details of the real panda.

This effort resulted in the creation of an amazing plush panda baby Backpack. Some of the features meticulously replicated include: the panda baby's pink nose tip, side eyes designed to give the impression of forever being gazed upon by the panda, the use of 3D modeling technology to restore the shape of real panda toe beans, and the adoption of a triangular rice ball sitting posture, which was typical behavior for Huahua. 

Come Chongker and adopt your Panda and carry this baby anywhere you go and enjoy the fun of having cute and Realistic Panda around!