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Mini Calico Backpack

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Searching for the perfect blend of charm and practicality Gift?

Look no further! Our handmade mini-size kitty backpacks embody unparalleled craftsmanship and whimsical elegance, making them an irresistible accessory for any occasion. Specially for child 3-12years old.

🎒 Crafted with Care: Each backpack is meticulously handmade with attention to detail, ensuring a flawless finish and lasting quality. From the lifelike cat design to the plush fur texture, every element exudes charm and sophistication.

😻 Versatile Functionality: Not just a fashion statement, our mini kitty backpacks offer dual functionality. With detachable straps, they effortlessly transform into cuddly plushies, providing endless hours of playtime fun. Whether worn as a backpack or snuggled up as a plush companion, they're sure to captivate hearts of all ages.


🎁Gift set : Yes
👣 Sole: Silicone Rubber
👁 Eye: Polyacrylate
🧶 Fur: Polyester
🧸 Filler: PP Cotton
👃 Cat Nose: ABS Material



Pass CE and CPC test could be used for children 3+


After-Sales Support

Enjoy peace of mind with up to 90 days of quality assurance. For any concerns, reach out to us at

Care Instructions

To maintain its pristine condition, avoid washing with water or drying. Simply gently wipe with a damp tissue when needed.