Customer's review on the weighted Ragdoll Cat,A gift for her mom. - Chongker

Customer's review on the weighted Ragdoll Cat,A gift for her mom.

This is a really, really long evaluation. I read it carefully and was really moved. It is because of such lovely customers as you that we can make continuous progress.

What I have always said is that Chongker has the best customers in the world. You have always been inclusive of us and encouraged us to grow. We are also gradually getting better.

This is the original text of the review. Customers from Amazon:

After reading an article about how these stuffed cats can help with anxiety in seniors and dementia patients, I just knew my Mom had to have one. She is elderly, but her mind is extremely sharp. However, living alone, I felt the 'companionship' could be helpful - another face to look at when no one is visiting. And being able to hold it on her lap, and feel like a real cat is there, could be really soothing to her, I thought.

I chose the Chongker cat for several reasons. No batteries or charger for Mom to have to deal with. Weighted, so when you pick it up it feels like a real cat. And its realistic face. Yes, it only has one facial expression, but that expression is very close to what a real cat looks like when it's looking up at you in adoration or anticipation of pets or food. Much more realistic than all of the other (affordable) options I looked at. I did not care for the robotic cats by other vendors - the purrs sound fake, don't turn off unless you flip a switch, and movements are just not realistic - you know you're holding a robot. My wish for Mom is that she can hold this kitty on her lap and stroke its fur while watching a ballgame or movie on TV, or just resting, and its weight and softness will be a comfort to her, and remind her of all the real cats she has loved throughout her life. Her last two cats were rescued purebred Ragdolls, so that's why I chose another Ragdoll for her.

I'm pretty sure Mom will not dress the cat up in the little outfit that came with it, but a great-grandchild might do so while visiting!

While this kitty has not been given as a gift yet, I did take it out and give it a quick "checkup". Combed it all over - a little long fur came out with combing, as expected, but the included "flea comb" caught most of it. There were a few little crusty spots (a lot like a real cat LOL!) that I believe were glue, but those combed out easily. One front paw has a small unstitched place on the top, about halfway down, but I'm a seamstress, so it's an easy fix with a needle and a little white thread. I am disappointed, though, in the quality of the tail fur. The white parts of the cat's fur are silky smooth, and it says it will get softer with petting (as skin oils get deposited, acting like fabric softener I imagine). The brown fur of the tail, however, is of a different texture. It's rather coarse, and not shiny like the rest of the body fur. Reminds me of over-combed doll hair. I may try a little fabric softener, like is used to restore doll hair, and see if that helps. But really that's the only thing about this gorgeous stuffed cat that I am less than thrilled with. This is something the manufacturer could improve easily and at little to no cost - just use a better quality tail fur. I sew costumes for children's theater, and use a lot of fur, so I know they're out there. (One of the best fake furs I've found was for a lion's mane, and got it at Hobby Lobby! Was not expensive, looked very realistic, and machine washed beautifully!)

Yes, it's much more expensive than a regular stuffed animal, especially the weighted one. But it is authentic in size, the weight is perfect - about 5 pounds, not too heavy for a senior's lap, and it looks real enough to fool all three of my own real cats. One by one, they came to investigate the "new cat" on my lap. My huge male just came over to sniff - he wasn't fooled for long (no girl pheromones there!) My 'tiny cat' 7 pound female jumped up on the ottoman, came over to sniff and touch noses, then proceeded to grab the toy around the neck and try to take it down! Hilarious! And lastly, my shyest kitty came in with wide eyes, staring at the "newcomer", circled around, and then I changed the toy's position to face her. She stopped meowed twice, and then let out a really loud hiss. Success! (After I returned the toy to its crate, she came over for a longer than usual snuggle and proceeded to rub her face all over mine, just to tell me that SHE is my baby, and I don't need another one. Hilarious!)

So, in my limited experience, this stuffed animal looks real enough to elicit natural responses from two out of three real cats, even after they've smelled the imposter. I'd say I made a good choice.

I can't end this review without mentioning one of the best parts - toe beans!! All four feet have toe pads made of silicone. They are tactile ( cat lovers know how great it is to massage kitty toes), soft, squishable. Very realistic. Well done, designer!

I hope this review helps you make a decision, if you're looking for one of these stuffed animals for a senior, or a child with sensory needs. It works much like a weighted blanket for anxiety and stress, I imagine. I will find out after I gift it to my Mom next week. She didn't want another cat, even though in her whole life, she has never NOT had one. Concerns about tripping, manipulating food bags and cans, and the ever-necessary litter box scooping were reasons she gave, even though we kids were concerned about her loneliness after Dad passed unexpectedly. While Mom is doing well, I just feel that her "new kitty" will give her some joy, and I wouldn't be surprised if she names it and talks to it, just like any companion animal. 5 stars, with a minor quibble with the quality of the tail fur. Highly recommend!


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Chongker team did an amazing job on a custom dog stuffed animal we ordered through them! Details were perfect and they were very kind and helpful the whole way through the process. Highly recommend :)


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