Chongker ragdoll cat sneaked into a friendly cat cafe!

Chongker ragdoll cat sneaked into a friendly cat cafe!

Our ragdoll cats have run away!

Yes, our ragdoll cats have run away to several countries around the world in the past while!


Today one of them ran to The Witty Whisker Cat Cafe located at 112 N Ponce de Leon Blvd Unit A, St. Augustine, FL 32084 in the USA!

We are actually running a campaign to allow our friends at Chongker to see our products in person in more offline stores. So we started a program. Cooperate with some stores that rescue animals and send them our lifelike pets, we will also donate a part of our profits to them for the cost of rescuing the pets to thank them for their care and rescue of small animals.


Chongker is composed of a group of animal loving partners, and we also hope to create a better living environment for more small animals, even if just a little more food and a warm cat nest.

If you would like to join our program, please contact Chongker and we will be happy to talk to you.

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