A plush animal from your beloved pet!

Make yourself the proud parent of a pet's life.


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Pro Customize  

Customize plush look likes of any pet according to your own choice.Whether it's cats or dogs or other animals.The perfect gift idea! Treat yourself or a loved one to a memorable gifts. 


Basic Customize Cat  

According to the pure white long haired cat and short haired cat, spray color and some personalized choices. The production time is shorter and cheaper, but please note that only cat varieties can be produced. Basic Customize can also enjoy 100% satisfactory service.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

The bad result is a secondary injury to the customer. We hope to give the customer the best work. We will confirm the result with you after the completion. If customer are not satisfied, we will immediately give a full refund. It includes a free modification, which will be confirmed again after modification. If customer are satisfied, plush will be sent to customer. If not satisfied, we will immediately refund the full amount.


Why Choose Us

  • The products are made to look exactly like your pet, and they are 100% handcrafted!
  • High-Quality at the lowest price
  • Over 2,000 satisfied plush animal owners
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee,will be delivered only after confirmation. If you are not satisfied, you can get a 100% refund

How It Works

We have had the privilege and honor of having had such a positive impact on the lives of so many families!


Snap a pic of your pet (or use any photo you want)


Start production (it will take about 6 weeks, and you can choose to rush)


Receive your loved pet's Plush (A gift you'll love forever)

Thousands of Happy Plush Animal Owners

Thousands of Happy Plush Animal OwnersWe have had the privilege and honor of having had such a positive impact on the lives of so many families!

Celebrate the Connection between You and your Furry Friend.

With the Chongker Plush animal of your pet, you can enjoy every second of happiness and love with you and your furry friend! 

Customize Your

Here comes the newest member of the family! 

We've had the honor and privilege of making such a wonderful difference in the lives of so many families!

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